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Rev. Apr. 1, 2011.

If your group is interested in adopting a section of the Macomb Orchard Trail, you've come to the right place.

Read over the Adopt-A-Trail guidelines below, and if this works for your group:

  1. Review the available sections on the Adopt-A-Trail map page and select an available section.

  2. Print out a copy of the Adopt-Trail application, fill it out and mail or e-mail it to:

Rich Platz
Macomb Orchard Trail
P.O. Box 385
Richmond, Mi.   48062-0385

Questions? Call: Rich Platz at 586 727-4246 or E-Mail:

Other forms you will need:

- Cleanup Day Release Form (Must be filled out on cleanup day by each crew member)

- Cleanup Day Follow-up Sheet (Crew chief to fill one out at the end of the cleanup day to note results and any hazards/problems the county needs to address.

Macomb Orchard Trail
Adopt A Trail Guidelines for Groups

 Guidelines for Adopt a Trail Groups


·         The group must have at least 10 members and a single point of contact.

·         The group must agree to a 1-year commitment.

·         The trail must be cleaned 3 times per year (April, July, October)

·         There must be adult supervision for any non-adults cleaning the trail.

·         The Macomb County Road Commission (MCRC) Adopt a Trail Cleanup Coordinator will provide refuse bags, and arrange for refuse bag pickup.

.     Contact Lana Smith at MCRC on 586 463-8671 ex. 1139 (or ask for the Adopt-A-Trail department) to arrange to pickup trash bags and to arrange to have the filled bags picked up.    

·         The groups contact person must notify the Friends of the Macomb Orchard Trail Adopt a Trail Cleanup Coordinator two weeks prior to the trail cleaning date to insure trash bags, trash pickup, etc. will be available.

·         On cleanup days have everyone sign the Cleanup Day Signup Sheet and forward a copy to the Friends group Adopt A Trail coordinator.

·         Review these guidelines with your group prior to each cleanup.

·         Fill out a survey report after each cleaning noting trail condition before and after and noting any problems the county needs to address (tree pruning, removal of large objects, safety hazards, etc.) and forward a copy to the Friends group Adopt A Trail coordinator.

·         Bring a basic first aid kit.

·         Ask people to car pool and if they must park on the side of the road, try to have all the cars on the same side to minimize road congestion.

·         Optional: Document your success so we can share it with others on our web site, photos are great, but remember to tell us who’s in the picture.



Guidelines for Cleanup Days



·         Wear appropriate clothing for the cleanup. Remember, you’ll be outdoors in the sun for a few hours so bring water and sunscreen.

·         Things you might need to bring to the trail cleanup (Gloves, Safety glasses, a broom, A kids wagon or garden cart to haul refuse bags out, A camera to document your success, A big smile).

·         No power tools or mechanized equipment is allowed on the trail (We suggest you use a wagon or garden cart to tote full trash bags to the pickup points at road intersections).

·         No knives, machetes, axes, etc. are allowed.

·         Avoid the use of headsets.

·         Adhere to basic safety standards.

·         It is suggested that you start cleaning from the ends of your designated section and work towards the middle to minimize the distance you need to haul trash bags (This will leave the trash bags all at one road intersection for pickup).

·         Avoid contact with poison ivy, poison oak and other noxious weeds.

·         Don’t pickup anything that appears hazardous or dangerous. Notify your group leader so they can arrange for proper pickup and disposal by the county.



To-Do's for Cleanup Day

·         Clear trail of debris

·         Pick up refuse

·         Remove tree drop debris

·         Sweep parking lots

·         Clean/Repair benches & picnic tables

·         Plant flowers, propose a trailside park/rest area or garden (Should be coordinated with Trail Master Gardener) Note: all projects must have the approval of the Trail master Gardener.



Friends Group Internal Documents:


- Guidelines for the Friends Group Adopt-A-Trail coordinator.


- Guidelines for the Friends Group Master Gardener.

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